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About Us – Uhhhh who are those two handsome people?….well … these are basically the only “nice” pictures of us

But for those who also care about the inner values ;)) here is what we love and what we stand for:


The amazing thing about cooking is, no matter who you are, it is for everybody. We are two different characters, but the love for food and cooking is the same for both of us. We are looking at the world of food with very diverse approaches and meet in the center of this universe because cooking connects us.

Claire: Creativity – Art – Senses

(Personal interest and passion took me in the world of foods and food preparation.) I see it this way:

Food is art. Without being a star chef – even with the simplest course, you can show beauty, and create amazing meals. Its colors, smell and haptic and sometimes even sounds- food triggers all of our senses & especially my creativity. This is my kind of art, that I love to share. Food is a remembrance. It can be the taste of a happy childhood, the reminder of a special person or evokes pleasant situations once again. Also, it makes the past tangible in the present day. Food is individuality. With your eating habits, you can make a statement to the world; it is a channel to express your personality or even a political statement – the food you eat always has an impact on your environment ( it is so closely connected to other topics like sustainability, animal welfare, fairness etc.)

Passion changes the world. I believe that if you want to follow your lifepath & make a real difference in the world – you have to do something that you love & feel passionate about. Something that nourishes and inspires you every time, although it might get exhaustive.  Only with this compassion, you are able to overcome any burden and borders of yourself, because you can trust in the love for what you are doing. Passion is like fuel. So when after my graduation I decided that I would never attempt a normal job and that I wanted to change something in the way things go, I decided to go for the direction of Food. Food is not only fuel for my body, but also for my soul. It gives me the energy to let go of all my ego, all my doubt, just because when it gets hard – I get inspired and my creativity awakens. Hope you find your love & passion and enjoy our journey with us.

Moe: Elegance – design – technique

As a chef, I cooked with star chefs from all over the world. I want to share this knowledge within this blog. Because:

You are Food. Your diet has a huge impact on how you can master the challenges of life. Good food provides you with the required energy to accomplish your tasks, not only with the help of nutrients. It gives you the opportunity of calming down and recharging your spirits. Food allows the world. While suffering from wanderlust, cooking can abduct to other countries. Exotic courses open new cultures when traveling to this country is too expensive. Food is the environment. With self-cooked courses, you can influence the market with the right of food origin and cultivation.

In our culture, despite the recent spotlight on gourmet cuisine, many people still barely notice what they put in their mouths, thereby missing a potentially rich source of enjoyment. To transform the biological necessity of feeding into a flow experience, one must begin by paying attention to what he eats – the cultivation of taste only leads to enjoyment if the people take control of the activity – eating.

What love is to the heart, appetite is to the stomach. The stomach is the conductor that leads and livens up the great orchestra of our emotions. – Moritz 

I am more than grateful that Claire and I were brought together by some higher force, for a much greater purpose than to serve only ourselves. We both share the same intentions in regards to food, sustainability, environmental protection and overall the willingness to bring people together to build a force for change. Together with several NGO´s, we want to reach more people every day because together we can make a difference and bring change to a food system which has failed so far to work in balance with our mother earth. 

You want to get to know us a little bit more personal? 🙂

We are going to update and work on the coming section, adding pictures and small texts so you kind of get a little insight into who we really are.

As we already said, we are not the most photophil persons so the following will include pictures from our personal collection. As soon as we are picking some professional photos we are definitely going to share them with you:

Us as a Team:

This picture captures our first real job. Working for Roman and really doing much more than We could have ever imagined being capable of, showed our potential as a team for the first time. Moritz knows exactly how to organize the events and I am super eager to learn and a hard worker. We are like the Yin to the Yang when it comes to working.

Truefoods Profile Picture- Truefoodsblog

Moritz & Claire

The second picture captures us on one of the evenings of taste before you waste. Find the article about them here.

It was actually the first time for me, Claire, to get a first insight into the hectic life of gastronomy and how it all works. I have learned so much and Moritz could finally let out his great talent again.

Truefoodsblog cooking at TBYW Amsterdam

Truefoodsblog cooking at TBYW Amsterdam

As you might know, next to doing all of this for the blog we are studying together. European Food Business. We have quite a busy schedule and a lot to digest and learn. This can be though to anyone, but to our great surprise, we are also a good team on this! Learning, laughing and enjoying the exams time. Weird but true- we are having fun learning and sharing this knowledge with you out there. 

This also includes traveling for us. Starting our journey in the Netherlands in a town really close to Amsterdam. Amsterdam has ever since become a great part of us. It’s a city that became home and still is.

Us living in the Netherlands- truefoodsblogUs living in the Netherlands- truefoodsblog

Us living in the Netherlands- truefoodsblog

Living in the Netherlands also includes the seaside. Breathing in the salty air, experiencing, and seeing it as our home was really special to us. This is Moritz looking like a happy hippo! with a picnic bag full of good food and Moe’s homemade bread.

Us on the sea side- Truefoodsblog

Us on the seaside- Truefoodsblog


Traveling is life. Experiencing, learning, seeing, connecting, tasting. Traveling together to Morocco and the mountains, a road trip through France & Italy and soon flying to Sri Lanka to learn more about Permaculture.

Us eating in Morocco - Truefoodsblog

Us eating in Morocco – Truefoodsblog

Each journey is different and enlarged our horizon more. Can’t wait for more and more sharing this with you.

us in the alps -3- Truefoodsblog

us in the alps -3- Truefoodsblog

Jump - Truefoodsblog

Jump – Truefoodsblog

That’s us for now. Hope you don’t mind the quality of the pictures, we hope you are happy now – Geting to know us a little more.

Our first trip to North-Africa together – Truefoodsblog

2018 in France – First trip in our third family member “Olli” – Truefoodsblog fam

Sri Lanka Travel and Permaculture experience

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The next 3 pictures are dedicated to our third Family member “Olli” – Our tiny home

Olli brings us all over the world. Safely and with a self-build sustainable and from recycling wood made interior.

Traveling around Europe with Olli our Truefoodsbus

Traveling around Europe with Olli our Truefoodsbus

Kitchen & Bed of Olli - truefoodsbus

Kitchen & Bed of Olli – truefoodsbus




Interior of Olli - Hanging food - Truefoodsblog

Interior of Olli – Hanging food – Truefoodsblog