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A few days ago I had the chance to cook a Vegan Summer Catering 4 Course Menu within a Truefoods Catering. Most of the Ingredients came from my Organic garden and grew like crazy with the permaculture skills of my dad as well as my moon calendar influences. The Kitchen in the huge house from our clients was amazing to cook in with 6 Gas plates and all the beautiful bowls. Unfortunately, I haven´t had the chance to take pictures of every dish. I just wanted to share some impressions from the catering with you. The Starter which was a Watermelon Gazpacho is coming soon as a quick summer recipe on our webpage.

Impressions from the Vegan Summer Catering by Truefoodsblog

I feel so much passion (as Claire would say) while cooking for clients, making all these people happy with our recipes and vegan alternatives is a great pleasure. Looking forward to many more Caterings and Cooking courses in the future with you guys 🙂

Mise au place is key when it comes to caterings


Before the storm, before the guests arrived. I prepared all the ingredients I have used for the 4 Courses during the day so that we have a fast Menu in the evening.


Soaked Lupine Tempeh with a marined made of: 2Tbsp Soya Sauce, 2 Tbsp Sesame Oil, 1Tbsp Balsamico glace, 1 pinch salt, 1 pinch chili flakes, pinch ground coriander, Pepper white, and some Maple syrup. For the Zucchini flowers, I only drizzled Olive Oil and Salt with a little bit of Agave syrup on top.

Amazing Garden Summer Salad with our Tangy Tomato Dressing.

Link to the Dressing


Moritz in Action, Main course serving: Vegan New Zealand spinach with Vegetable Quinoa and Grilled Lupin Tempeh topped with Zucchini flower and white wine Cashew sauce


We had a lot of work to do, preparing the whole garden and the tables with summer decoration before the guests arrive. My Lovely Mother helped me out this time (she took somewhat over Claire’s part since she is in Hawaii right now).

Thank you mom – love & light to you my sunshine


Starter: Watermelon gazpacho with tomatoes and Basilicum from our organic garden. Topped with a Vegan Puff Pastry – cheese. Recipe coming soon !!


Desert: Our legendary Raw Vegan Chocolate Pie – Truefoodsblog edition

Recipe For the Chocolate Pie Here


Alfons – The truffle searching dog was constantly jumping around me in the kitchen enjoying the cooking show 🙂


If you are interested in a Catering or Cooking course made by the Truefoods Team (Claire & Moritz) feel free to Contact us via E-Mail ->

We will find the right Menu for everyone! Also every Catering includes small lectures about the work we do and sustainability in Food and Gardening from our side if you want to 🙂


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