Aqua Faba Coconut Mousse – ” Aqua Faboulous”

Aqua faba?! That you’re here either means that you already know what aqua faba is that you want to find it out.

So for all of who never have heard of it or just not sure what it is: it is Chickpea water. Sounds strange? yeah, to me too & it gets even weirder when I tell you that it acts the exact same way that egg whites do. That means that you can basically use it for the same stuff – baking, mousses or just to make things more fluffy and light.

The advantage is that it barely has calories and you can not suffer from salmonella. That is also why this mousse works perfectly without any problems- Ah ! & its vegan of course.

Here are some tips how to make it:

  • You can either cook chickpeas yourself and let the water cool down & use it, or you just use the one remaining in the cans (second is way easier to handle)
  • Use a stand mixer for best results
  • It takes 3-6 minutes time so be patient 🙂
  • Throw in some cream of tartar to make it even more stable and stiff

Example recipes to use it for:

  • Mayonaisse
  • Fluffy Waffels
  • Mousse au Chocolat
  • Meringue
  • Macarons
  • Cakes
  • Cremes
  • Donuts
  • Marshmallows
  • Nougat & fudge
  • Buttercream
  • Mozarella cheese
  • Ice-Creams

We will try to recreate more of those things mentioned: promissed;)


Aqua Faba Coconut Mousse -Truefoodsblog

Aqua Faba Coconut Mousse -Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

  1. drain a can of chickpeas and put the chickpea water in into the fridge so it slightly cools down.
  2. Put the aqua faba into a vessel and add the sweetener of choice and start mixing it until it gets a really fluffy and stiff consistency. Be patient.
  3. No softly folt under the coconut flakes (if you want you can even roast them beforehand, just make sure that they cooled down properly)
  4. Put the cream in the fridge.
  5. Heat some water in a pot and add cubes of Kaki to it. Grind some ginger and add as well.
  6. Let this cook until the kaki gets soft and nice.
  7. Serve it together and enjoy.



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