Truefoodsblog Pizza Sauce- “Pizza improvement of the year”

As you all probably have noticed already we are falling under the categorization “Pizza Lovers“. Pizza has become a stable food in our kitchen and shows up on our table at least 5 times a month. As a chef and recipe developer I am always craving for new innovations in food. Pizza is a very multifaceded food with plenty of different creations possible. For most of us the coating lies on top of a tomatoe sauce when it comes to traditional italian pizza. Just recently I tried to figure out how to improve my tomatoe covering sauce recipe and came to a amazing new tomatoe sauce recipe for pizza.

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How you do it:

  1. Make sure you have a proper blender/mixer for this sauce which mixes really fine.
  2. Add all the ingredients together into the blender and mix it well until smooth texture.
  3. Try the sauce and add some more salt, pepper or honey if needed.
  4. Coat your Pizza dough with the sauce (not to much otherwise the dough gets to wet)
  5. Easy recipe with much more flavour then the classic pizza sauce out there 🙂 Enjoy


Your Italian Kitchen fan Moritz 🙂


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