La Vialla Sugo all’ Aglione with Orecchiette

Looking back can be so beautiful ! This recipe is dedicated to our time in Italy which is laying back a few months already. Now that it is gettign warm and our olive oil from La Vialla is getting less and less, we wanted to remind ourselves of this amazing time & give you a product recomenndation.

La Vialla with Truefoodsblog

La Vialla with Truefoodsblog

This is no advertisement – but a recommendation from deep within our foodie-hearts. Fattoria La Vialla, a biodynamic farm and I almost want to call it an institution in the heart of Tuscany, is one of our favorite places on earth. Wandering on the farm, looking into the kitchen and the traditional Italian production sides just makes us feel home and remind us on how food production actually should look like!

Read more about La Vialla here.

Aperitif at La Fattoria la Vialla by Truefoodsblog

Aperitif at La Fattoria la Vialla by Truefoodsblog

So here comes on of our favorite products from La Vialla: The Sugo all’ Aglione, a traditional Tuscan Tomato Sauce with looooooads of Garlic. Simple but so good !

La Vialla Sugo all' Aglione with Oricette by Truefoodsblog-1

La Vialla Sugo all’ Aglione with Orecchiette by Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

  1. Put your favorite red wine out
  2. Heat a pot of salt water for the Orecchiette
  3. Add the Sauce into a small pan and slowly let it heat up.
  4. Throw the Orecchiette into hot water & wait until they swim at the top.
  5. Put good music on and set the table.
  6. Serve with loads of love and a pinch of La Viallas Pecorino on top.
  7. Enjoy to the fullest !
Italy, Fattoria La Vialla, Pranza detail

Italy, Fattoria La Vialla, Pranzo detail

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