¬†Savoury Wholegrain Breakfast Waffles – “Waffles of Heaven”

Savoury Wholegrain Breakfast Waffles – How to start your day right with everything you need. The Cucumber and the Tomatoes are both fresh from the garden. I guess this used to be one of our favourite dishes to start our days back in the Netherlands. Normally, we also added fresh avocado but since we started boycotting them we use the beautiful vegetables we find in the garden and elsewhere.

If its intersting for you why you should maybe reduce your avocado consume, although you are such an avocado lover like us – here is a link to a good article where you find some information: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/food-and-drink/news/healthy-foods-that-are-ruining-the-environment/

This is by the way the first recipe which includes meat. Many People ask me wheater we are a vegetarian or a vegan blog but actually we try not to restrict ourselves in any pattern. Our goal is to live in balance with ourselves and our environment. This is what we are representing in our recipes as well. Today Moritz felt like eating some parma ham, although is actually aso not the biggest meat eater, whereas I have been a vegetarian my whole life now.

Savoury Wholegrain Breakfast Waffles - Truefoodsblog

Savoury Wholegrain Breakfast Waffles – Truefoodsblog


How you do it:

  1. Heat your Waffle Iron
  2. Start with mixing your eggs and the milk (or plant based) with a hand mixer and slowly add your flour, baking powder and salt until everything is well combined and fluffy.
  3. Oil your iron with coconut oil and add a big spoon full to your iron and let it bake for around 3 min.
  4. Cut the cucumber and the tomatoes in thin slices and place them on your plate of choice and garnish it with line oil.
  5. Heat some water with vinegar. Heat it to the point at which it gets bubbly but not cooking fully. Crack the egg into a small cup. Take a spoon and bring the water to turn in a quick circle. Add the egg to the water in one rush, but still carefully.
  6. Place the Waffles on top of your vegetable bed together with the poached egg and the ham if you please.
  7. Top it of with raspberries, goat cheese, nuts & seeds of choice, some salt and black pepper and the fresh cut herbs.

I hope you have a great day & start your day with lots of positive engery.

Always remember that a big breath and a small moment of silence can change a differnt within yourself !





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