Claire founder of Truefoodsblog

Claire founder of Truefoodsblog

here is what I love and what I stand for:

Claire: Creativity – Art – Senses

(Personal interest and passion took me in the world of foods and food preparation.) I see it this way:

Food is art. Without being a star chef – even with the simplest course, you can show beauty, and create amazing meals. Its colors, smell and haptic and sometimes even sounds- food triggers all of our senses & especially my creativity. This is my kind of art, that I love to share. Food is a remembrance. It can be the taste of a happy childhood, the reminder of a special person or evokes pleasant situations once again. Also, it makes the past tangible in the present day. Food is individuality. With your eating habits, you can make a statement to the world; it is a channel to express your personality or even a political statement – the food you eat always has an impact on your environment ( it is so closely connected to other topics like sustainability, animal welfare, fairness etc.)

Passion changes the world. I believe that if you want to follow your lifepath & make a real difference in the world – you have to do something that you love & feel passionate about. Something that nourishes and inspires you every time, although it might get exhaustive.  Only with this compassion, you are able to overcome any burden and borders of yourself, because you can trust in the love for what you are doing. Passion is like fuel. So when after my graduation I decided that I would never attempt a normal job and that I wanted to change something in the way things go, I decided to go for the direction of Food. Food is not only fuel for my body, but also for my soul. It gives me the energy to let go of all my ego, all my doubt, just because when it gets hard – I get inspired and my creativity awakens. Hope you find your love & passion and enjoy our journey with us.

Right now I am involved in my new project called: I became a tree 🙂






I became a tree

Claire and Leon

Together with Leon, my partner I am managing a 400 squaremeter big monestary garden in the oldest city in Germany and my hometown – Trier.

During those strange pandemic times, we have spent every second in the gardens, implementing permaculture design, biointensive and regenerative farming methods. We went foraging (into the wild forests here in general), we ferment, we dry, we preserve and try to sustain ourselves the best we can. The rest of our food we sourced from our food-coop that we parallelly started.

We share our whole experience on our social media account @ibecameatree on instagram and we have been featured on the @humanswhogrowfood page this autumn. So please feel free to check it out.

Additionally I am currently writing an article about this project that I am going to publish within the coming weeks here. So keep your eyes open. Until then, here are some impression of the garden year 2020.