The Best Superfoods to Try Overseas to Stay Sustainable and Healthy

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As you may recall, the topic of superfood is a bit dicey. In 2017, our article about “The dark side behind superfoods” came out in which we explored what we described as superfood’s hidden facts. Where demand is increasing, and in turn, it is increasing the need for importation, which leaves a huge carbon footprint.

SauerCrowd-Funding – “We need you now”

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Raw, fermented, organic vegetables for your gut-health from Moritz & Claire. Only 12 days left, we need your support now for our SauerCrowd-Funding Campaign.

Fermentation archive – SauerCrowd

Lacto-fermented chillis

Dear beloved SauerCrowd or newbies,

This is an intimate, continuously growing insight into my ferments. I just now started documenting them, so bear with me and maybe get inspired.

Tips to live more sustainable – Claire’s kleine Weltretteraufgaben

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Hey loves 🙂

I write this little article in tribute to my internship time at Instock Amsterdam, an inspiring team fighting against food waste.

Fattoria la Vialla – Brand Analysis

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What is Truefoodsblog Brand Analysis?

With these reports, we aim to give you a little insight behind the stage of both small and larger food companies. So our words reflect our real opinions, feelings, and information that we gathered and want to share with you now.

Best Vegan Food on Sri Lanka -“vegan food guide”

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Sri Lanka or the “Tear of India”, a vibrant Island right in the Indian Ocean, is one of the beautiful destinations for travellers to Asia. We have spent 4 adventurous weeks there and learned so much about their food culture, which we want to share with you.

Global Freshwater crisis – “Impact of the food industry”

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Global Freshwater crisis – “Impact of the food industry”

Turn on the faucet and clean water rushes out as much as we want, anytime we want.  Today 7 in 10 people on earth can count on having running water in their homes. The perception is that water is there in bounty-full amounts and everyone has access to it because he can turn a tap. That’s a big problem. Most of us have no idea how limited the resource water is, and about the factors which play the biggest role in freshwater overuse, and the possible shortage of it – a threat we should all know about. Read more in our Article about the impact of your consumption and the food industry.

European based Vegan alternatives – “Ingredients for everyday”

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European based Vegan alternatives – “Ingredients for everyday”

The small Vegan Ingredients plan – European based vegan alternatives, with plants especially from Europe so that Vegan newbies have the chance to find local affordable ingredients for her new way of cooking. With the locally sources Ingredients you do best to your body as well as the environment since long distance transports from overseas can be avoided!! Feel free to comment and tell us what your favorite ingredients from your country or area are, sharing is caring. TF

La Vita a Fattoria la Vialla – “A holistic biodynamic view”

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La Vita a Fattoria la Vialla – “A holistic biodynamic view”

Castiglion Fibocchi close to Arezzo. It is Mid-September and the leaves start falling from the apple and pear trees, the last fruits are waiting to be harvested. We drive between an avenue of cypress trees, pine trees and olive groves with the warm sun in our back.

Our destination – The famous Biodynamic Fattoria la Vialla in the beautiful Chianti hills of central Tuscany. This Farm visit is a really special one for us and a childhood dream is going to become true.

Sustainable Travel Tips – “Truefoods Top 10 abroad”

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 Sustainable Travel Tips – “Truefoods Top 10 abroad”

These travel tips should act as a win-win situation for you as a traveler as well as the environment/nature you are visiting.

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