Purple Rain SauerCrowd Brownies – “Sour meets chocolate”

Our latest creation: Vegan dark chocolate  sauercrowd brownies with our raw fermented, red cabbage/fennel Sauerkraut from our start-up SauerCrowd

One of the greatest challenges/goals for us at the moment is to bring back the concept of raw fermented foods. This mostly requires inspiring people on how to use sauerkraut read more:

Purple Rain SauerCrowd Brownie by Truefoodsblog

Purple Rain SauerCrowd Brownie by Truefoodsblog

So, we spent a good amount of time experimenting with recipes lately, to kind of show off the flexibility of our Krauts. Well, this time we went with a recommendation of a chef we met a couple of weeks ago.

When we gave her the Purple Rain sauerkraut she immediately said: “uh this is going to be nice with dark chocolate”, Moritz & me looked at each other with skeptical but curious looks.

She turned out to be right. This is a brownie combo. Although at first sight, you might think” this combo is very weird, I am skeptical”, Well, texturewise it simply adds a fruity crunchiness, just like cut u cherries, whereas it gives a nice sourness at the end which is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the chocolate.

Tastewise, we had the experience that everyone who tried it actually wanted more raw sauerkraut on top of the brownie to have a bigger effect.

So this is perfect if you want to show up some innovative, deliciousness and Emilie, a dear friend of us, even wants to bring it to a date night (enjoy your date Emilie 😉 ).

Purple Rain SauerCrowd Brownie by Truefoodsblog

Purple Rain SauerCrowd Brownie by Truefoodsblog

Here is how you do it:

1. preheat the oven to 200°C. Soak your flaxseed egg in the meanwhile.

2. Melt the oil together with the chocolate bar over a water bath.

3. Mix in the cacao powder and the plant-based milk & sir until no lumps can be seen anymore.

4. wai a little until the mixture cooled down to add the flaxseed egg and the flour (as the water lets the fat coagulate when too warm). Stir until you get a smooth batter.

5. Now gently squeeze the sauerkraut on top of a vessel to collect the liquid and add the more or less dry-kraut to your mixture.

6. Line out a form with baking paper and add the batter.

7. Bake for around 20 minutes or until a wooden stick comes out clean when poking.

8. Let the brownies cool down.

9. Mix the glaze and garnish the brownies with the glaze and some fresh sauerkraut.




Find our Purple Rain Kraut in and around Amsterdam and soon all over the Netherlands. For more info click here


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