Spring is coming = Hay fever time – “Top 5 Hay fever survival tips” by Truefoodsblog

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Spring is coming = Hay fever time – “Top 5 Hay

fever survival tips” by Truefoodsblog

For the most of us, it is probably the most beautiful time of the year. The Birds start singing, the Crops start growing and the flowers start blooming. Bees are carrying the first pollen around and the whole nature wakes up slowly.

But for an increasing number of people, this time of the year can also be a nightmare: people with  Hay fever-, and other pollen allergies. I (Moritz) Include myself to these people, after years of beautiful springs with having this issue I told myself to find a solution/easing to most of the problems regarding pollen allergies. I want to share with you my Top 5 survival tips which helped me a lot during pollen and hay season to enjoy life as well.

The darkside of superfoods – “a look behind the facade”

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The Darkside of superfoods

Chia Pudding, Acai Power Bowl, Matcha Latte, and Green Smoothie – They all have something in common; all of them contain so-called superfoods. But it is not only producers and retailers, who affirm their beneficial impact on health.

How high is your carbon footprint ? – make the test now

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Carbon Footprint

Today we did a calculation how high the carbon footprint from every single student in University is. The key of this quiz was to find out how many planets does it take to support the lifestyle of every single attendant. And it was pretty impressive to see even if you think your behavior is ecologically friendly, you will use the resources of more than one earth.

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