Carbon Footprint

Today we did a calculation how high the carbon footprint from every single student in University is. The key of this quiz was to find out how many planets does it take to support the lifestyle of every single attendant. And it was pretty impressive to see even if you think your behavior is ecologically friendly, you will use the resources of more than one earth.

We used a footprint quiz provided by the WWF Organization, this test reinforced us to overthink our actions. Even if we already take care about separating our waste, switching off lights we don’t necessarily use, etc. the result was way too high!

Things we now want to focus on:

  • using public transport
  • consume less (find out when you’re filled up, plan your groceries better, …)
  • convince people around you to take care of the environment as well

Maybe this article inspired you to find out about your impact on our planet, and you want to change something, you can find the link to the WWF quiz below.

Ecological Footprint Quiz

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