Baked Apples with caramelized Goat cheese, Honey & Rosemary – “Autumn entree”

A lot of our friends who are not really into cooking asked us to make more recipes with really easy instructions and with the least ingredients possible. Baked Apples with caramelized Goat cheese, Honey & Rosemary is the perfect example which shows that you do not need much to bring a beautiful dish to life!

I remember the first time my mum made this & the whole kitchen smelled like caramelized apples & fresh spices. All of this really reminds me of autumn ever since. “The Mosel is in its golden dress, the grapes are under the sheds ” That’s the time when my mum uses to make this dish& so she did this time.

This is definitely a dish for which I am calling in “Vushu” – the moment when you know being vegan is necessary but it just sucks 😀 But still! Veganism is something that I have chosen for me- Claire

I know it is quite a topic to talk and especially discuss & I guess there is going to be a time when I am going to explain this choice- but this is not now 😉 & yes I still eat dairy products sometimes, but only if it is Slow Food you know 😉

The concept of vushu is from these incredible humans by the way:



How you do it:

  1. Preheat the oven to 170° C. 
  2. Wash your apples and cut them into around 10 cm thick slices. Take out the core with the seeds.
  3. Cut the Goat cheese into the same thick slices and place them on the whole of the apple in a baking vessel.
  4. Sprinkle the honey over the goat cheese and stick the rosemary inside the goat cheese.
  5. Add a tbsp of water to the bottom
  6. Let this bake for around 30 minutes until the goat cheese starts to get really golden and caramelized.

Enjoy the smell of your kitchen people 😉

Use all your senses!

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