Cheap Vegan Sour Cream “Butterbean – love!”

Veganism has inforced itself again in our lifes.

Last week we had a field visit in a local, conventional farmer near Saumur in France. He mainly produces yoghurts of all kinds and the famous Tomme. Tomme is a non-cooked hard cheese with a grey mold and a very white flavourful body. He owns 200 cows and it was impressive to see how is farm is organised.

After talking about the production side and seeing the cows being fed we headed to the calvs. Some of them just being born a few hours ago. To be fair, they all were in a lot of fresh air and had their own space of around 3 m². When you see this massive production. – and just stop here – the PRODUCTION of animals – it really gets to your feelings when you are face to face with that living being. You understand that they are jumping against the racks and making those sounds, sucking on your fingers and press against you because there is only one thing they need and will never have in their life. This thing is freedom and the feeling of being with their mom…

You have to face it

Even as vegetarian, every time you consume animal products there are living beings behind. They are refused to see their babies, that are seperated instantly after birth… if you see this one time in real life, it will get to you and my words can only give you a hint of it.


Vegan Sandwich - Truefoodsblog

Vegan Sandwich – Truefoodsblog

So some come with the argument: “but veganism without any restrictions and alternative products are super expensive and i can’t always affort chashews to recreate my favorite dairy products!!”. So, I made myself some thoughts and here is a quick recipe for a cheap alternative to the expernisve.

The solution’s name is: BUTTERBEANS.

You find them in glasses or cans and they are not more expensive than chickpeas. If you are using legumes, its often the issue that they are sandy and have a strong flavor on their own. I found that butterbeans are giving you the smoothest texture you can have. They are even way smoother than the one you can achieve with chashews. Also, their personal taste is modest and can easily be neglected by herbs, spices and other ingredients..

The only thing that is missing is the lactic flavor. It can only be marginal recreated with apple cider vinegar. You could also try to use aqua faba instead of the beans, so please let us know any experiment of yours.

Above you can see a sandwhich which we posted the other day, featuring lacto-fermented tofu. ALL VEGAN !

Lacto-fermented simply means that through fermentation the grows of specific micro-oragnisms is supported, which are capable to produce lactic-acids, which give the tofu a really creamy, sticky and “lactic” -taste

Cheap Vegan Sour Cream - TruefoodsblogCheap Vegan Sour Cream - Truefoodsblog

Cheap Vegan Sour Cream – Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

  1. Drain the beans and wash them in a sieve with fresh, cold water to get rid of the rather starchy liquid around.
  2. Add them to a vessil and use a hand-mixer or a high speed blender.
  3. Add the apple cider vinegar, lemon juice & zest as well as spices and the agave.
  4. Blend everything until really smooth and season again after your taste.
  5. Place in the fridge and cosume cold as a spread best


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