Classic Bircher Müsli Recipe -” grab and go breakfast”

Classic Bircher Müsli Recipe – its finally there- the summer time and we are leaving the dutch border behind us .Moritz flight to the Gili islands is going in one day and I have two hours left to pack my stuff to head to Berlin. The Truefoodsteam is always restless 😛 Especially the last two days were full of rushing, because we had to move all our stuff from the house. This left us little time to celebrate our holy breakfast like ever :/

That was the perfect occasion to make a classic Bircher Müsli the night before and i also decided to make a photo and share that recipe with you !just because it really saved our life that morning.

You basically prepare it in the evening and just top it of with some more yoghurt, fruits, nuts or even a sprinkle of honey and you can just take the glass whereever you go. Its easy to eat and it gives you energy to manage your morning. Many people mostly know Bircher Müsli under the name “overnight oats” but this is the classic Bircher Müsli Recipe like Moritz teached me 🙂

Enjoy and dont stress yourself 🙂

Classic Bircher Müsli Recipe -Truefoodsblog

Classic Bircher Müsli Recipe -Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

Overnight oats – Bircher Müsli – so prepare it the night before you want to eat it for breakfast or as a on the run snack

  1. In a bowl, add the oats, the yoghurt, quark, nuts and the cutted dried fruits of choice and give it  a good stir.
  2. add some more milk until it gets a smooth and slightly liquid texture, this is because the dried fruits, nuts and oats will soak in the liquid leaving a smooth, moist Bircher Müsli in the morning.
  3. the next day, take our your bircher müsli, give it  a stir and maybe add some more milk if it is too stiff
  4. top it with some more yoghurt and add your favourite toppings 🙂

Ready to eat :)))


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