Coconut Chickpea Cookie Dough – “inspired by”

Coconut Chickpea Cookie Dough – “inspired by” –

Healthy, vegan, high protein, low in sugar, high fiber, tasty : basically all the keywords for google search in one recipe!  I have to say: it kind of caught me as well. Especially after the first taste test. Of course, it is not the same taste like real cookie dough & you may not be able to really bake cookies with it, but the smooth & sweet doughy mash really got me.

I found this recipe on the profile of on Instagram. Since we are working with social media saw a lot of bullshit, but also so many passionate, creative, inspiring people who are using social media in the same way we try to. Sharing the love, passion, good intentions, sustainable content. is definitely one of them. Her website is a combination of recipes which are just pure soul food. What inspires me the most, as I am a very creative person, is the way she presents the recipes, combining multiple picture and drawings of ingredients and food. So big shoutout for her & the passion she shares. That are the moments when I love social media again 🙂

Her website, for all the germans :

Cococnut Chicpea Cookie Dough - Truefoodsblog

Cococnut Chicpea Cookie Dough – Truefoodsblog

How you do it: 

  1. For those of you who also donthave the strongest blender, start with soaking the dates in hot water for around 5 minutes.
  2. Rinse the chickpeas & add them to a bowl. Add the coconut flakes, vegan joghurt, the dates, vanilla, salt, a splash of plant based milk and mix until smooth.
  3. Now add the cacao nips & mix so they are combined evenly.
  4. Put on a plate and garnish how ever you prefer 🙂

Thanks  Rebekka , that recipe is awesome !


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