Colourful Grilled Garden Vegetables Herb Tart

Colourful Grilled Garden Vegetables Herb Tart – “Summer Tart”. What a beautiful day !!!!!! Its midsummer and its so beautiful outside I could cry. Warm evenings, time with friends – its life to the fullest. The garden is at its peak. The tomatoes are starting to get ripe & my mum has the craziest varieties. Red, Black, Green, Stripes, small, big, huge – basically everything.

Yesterday my little sister came for a visit and we wanted to make pizza when she asked me whether it would be possible to make pizza colorful. We had so much fun when we started to paint the dough with herbs and everything I could find. My little sister is 6 by the way, its crazy how fast they become older. Next week she will already go to school. We have a huge gap regarding our ages, as I am already 20 (oh god). When we were on the playground and swinging she told me that its perfect that I am already old. That I could bring us to whatever place we wanted and never get old, because she would always teach me how to stay a kid.

This colorful dough recipe will always remind me of that. We had too much dough left so me and my mum made a tart today with all the good stuff from the garden.

Colourful Grilled Garden Vegetables Herb Tart

Colourful Grilled Garden Vegetables Herb Tart

How you do it:

Colorful dough

  1. Preheat the oven to 180° C
  2. Start with kneading the whole grain flour, Greek yoghurt (leave 2 tbsp aside for the red dough), oil, salt and baking powder until everything is well combined.
  3. Divide the dough into 3 pieces and add them to a separate bowl each. To one of the bowls, add the lentil flour and the 2 tbsp of Greek yogurt as well as a sip of olive oil plus some red pepper powder and knead. To the other dough add either the pesto plus the fenugreek and to the other turmeric. Knead until they are all colorful.
  4. Butter a round spring form and start with placing little balls of all the different doughs next to each other, with a little space in between. Change the colors so the effect is more visual. Gently press the balls down so the dough is nice and even as well as about 5 cm high on the edges.
  5. Make little holes with a fork on the bottom and bake this for around 15 min.


  1. Meanwhile, start with the stuffing. Therefore, you start with mixing the eggs in a bowl. Add the sour cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg and mix until it’s well combined.
  2. Wash your vegetables and the herbs. Cut the Carrots and zucchini into small slices, beans into the half, leave the tomatoes and mince the herbs, the green of the carrots and the chards thinly. 
  3. Add the minced greens into the egg mixture.
  4. Take a grill pan and one after one, start off with grilling your vegetables. Besides the tomatoes and the Zucchini, you add them into the egg mixture.
  5. Take out the dough and fill in the egg-greens-vegetable mixture. Place the tomatoes and the zucchini on top and sprinkle cheese on it.
  6. Bake this beauty for around 30 min.


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