German Wholegrain Brezels with Vegan Cheese Sauce

Brezels….mmmmh so nice. It’s a typical German pastry mostly known in the south, especially at the time of October.

There are uncountable types of Brezels:

  • Sweet Brezels
  • Hard snack brezels (really small)
  • sugary
  • with nuts
  • with sesame seeds
  • etc.

So there are several types but the most classic one is definitely the “Laugenbrezen” traditionally eaten with a good piece of butter.

German Wholegrain Brezels Truefoodsblog

German Wholegrain Brezels Truefoodsblog

I never baked Brezels myself and as I still consider myself of not being the best baker in the world, I was a bit scared, to be honest. For you guys, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried my best. So here is the result:

Wholegrain Brezels Truefoodsblog

Wholegrain Brezels Truefoodsblog

It’s really not as difficult as I thought to be honest!

German Wholegrain Brezels Truefoodsblog

German Wholegrain Brezels Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

German Wholegrain Brezels

  1. Mix warm water, sugar with the yeast and stir until it has dissolved.
  2. In a big mixing bowl, mix the salt and the flour with the oil and add the yeast mixture.
  3. Start kneading the dough with a spoon until roughly combined. After this, continue with your hands for around 5 minutes until you get a soft dough.
  4. Let this rise for around 30minutes – 1 hour in a warm place.
  5. Knead the dough again and part it into 12 equal parts
  6. Flour your surface and roll out the dough into a long snake and twist it into each other like seen in picture one.
  7. Take the tips into your hands and folt it down to the curvy part of the snake and slightly press it down.
  8. Continue doing this until you have 12 small cute brezels.
  9. Preheat the oven to 170° C.
  10. Heat a big pot of water and add the natron or baking soda (watch out the water will go crazy 😉 ). Remove it from the heat for each brezel.
  11. Take a big spoon (schöpfer) and take the brezel into the water. Dip the brezel into the water for around 30 seconds. Add the Salt on the Brezel.
  12. Add the brezel to a baking sheet and cook them for around 7 minutes until brown and nice.

Vegan Cheese Sauce

  1. Heat some water in a pot and add salt and peeled potatoes. After a while, add the onion.
  2. Heat some water and soak the cashews meanwhile the potatoes cook.
  3. When everything is soft add the spices, yeast, and vegetables in a blender and blend until smooth, adding some water if needed.


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