Indian Chapati Bread – “Fast Flat Bread Recipe”

The Indian Chapati Bread which is a really quick flat bread recipe for the pan is super easy and perfect for every curry. My beloved Mother taught me how to do the bread in a very solid stone pan. She is the queen of Indian food! when I was a child my parents used to travel to India and Nepal frequently – the spirit of Hinduism and Buddhism shaped my youth and the connection to this country and their way how to treat the nature is fascinating for me. Traveling there is a goal for the future! In the meantime, I try to cook as authentic as possible within the Indian and Nepalese kitchen and share it with you guys. This goes out to our beloved friend Elena which is currently in Indian with her Backpack, I hope to see you soon again (hopefully in Italy 🙂 ).


How about your experience with Indian kitchen? Any Ideas or recipes for us to share?

How to do it:

  1. Drip the water slowly into the flour add salt and cumin and start keeding. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes.

2. Keeding is a religion when it comes to Chapati bread, give the dough time and treat him carefully. Flour on the board so it does not stick

3. Heat a solid steel pan on medium heat with the coconut oil. Stretch the Chapati dough out and lay it in the pan.

4. Stay at the pan and turn around when the dough starts to take air in. Repeat this until brown and crusty. Serve fast and store the bread under a kitchentowel so it does not get dry.



Enjoy with any Curry you like such as the

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