Indian Lentil Daal “Claire’s all-time Classic”

Indian Lentil Daal- Finally, I can share this recipe with you 🙂 Daal has always been one of my favorite recipes! My mom, as a real yogi and an Indian lover,  was always cooking Indian dishes when I was a child, so this is really nostalgic for me. The recipe is one of the first that my mama thought me and I still cook it ever since. It is perfect when you actually only have old carrots and dry stuff in the kitchen and desperate for something filling and healthy but you are broke or something;).

The interesting thing about Daal is 1. it always turns out to me more than you expect & 2. than you realize that the leftovers are even tastier the next day.

I have experimented with all kind of spices and different lentils and I have actually never made 2 daals that tasted the same. In this recipe, I included the measurements of my last and really delicious daal. But actually, I always season it as I feel and it always tastes great (except this one time when I really used too much salt). For the spices: just go to any Asian store, you will find them really cheap and of good quality & they are totally worth having! So be free with the amounts & ratios of spices! Create your own and enjoy!

Indian Lentil Daal -Truefoodsblog

Indian Lentil Daal -Truefoodsblog

How you do it :

  1. Start off with peeling the Carrots and mince them into small little cubes. Mince the onions, garlic, and ginger as well.
  2. Heat the coconut oil on medium heat in a pan and add the onions and garlic as well as the carrots & let them cook until they get kind of glazy and soft.
  3. Add the ginger and all the spices (that is where the magic happens) and stir them around so the onions are covered.
  4. During the spices heat up, bring some water to boil & add it to the vegetable stock.
  5. Add the spices to the onions and stir until they are all covered. Let them also cook shortly.
  6. Add the lentils and mix them with the spices while they heat up.
  7. When the lentils are hot, add the vegetable stock and stir before you cover it with a lid to simmer.
  8. Now you can cook your pasta, rice, quinoa or whatever you prefer as a side dish (we used Canihua, so baby quinoa, which I found in my shelf again, I should look at it more often)
  9. Closely watch the daal and stir them, especially at the bottom!
  10. Occasionally add some water, Lentils are soaking a lot of liquid.
  11. Finish up with tasting your creation by adding more salt or spices.

Raita: simply cut some cucumber into small cubes and add some mint. Mix that with the yogurt, quark, salt, and curry and serve it by adding some cinnamon on top.


I hope you lie this dish, it is my favorite 😉




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