Indian Paneer – “homemade indian soft cheese”

2 ingredients Indian paneer “super simple & delicious”

Inspired by my favorite Indian dish: palak paneer, which features this soft cheese and a creamy spinach sauce – vegan version is to be found on our blog. This easy Indian Paneer cheese recipe is with true homemade love by my mother taught.

Paneer. Paneer (pronounced [pəniːr]) is a fresh cheese common in South Asia, especially in India. It is an unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice, vinegar, or any other food acids.

Follow these simple steps to make your own Cottage Cheese or Indian Paneer at home. The only difference between Paneer & Cottage Cheese is that while Paneer is unsalted, Cottage Cheese is salted and may sometimes have heavy cream in it. The steps involved in making these cheeses are the same.

Quick recipe:

4 tbsp Lemon Juice
2 L unpasteurized milk
1. Bring milk to heat (slowly)
2. Add lemon juice and continue stirring until lumps are occurring
3. Filter mixture with a cheese cloth over the sink (catch liquid, it has so many nutrients)
4. Hang loose above the sink for at least 4 hours
5. Store in salty water and use within 3 days


How To do it in a picture series:






Frequently asked : Is Paneer like Tofu?

Tofu is a type of food that is formed by coagulating soy milk (which is a type of bean) whereas, paneer is prepared by curdling milk with food acids such as lemon juice, vinegar. Paneer is a popular food product obtained from cow or goat’s milk and used frequently in North Indian kitchens.



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