Obatzda/Obatzter – Bavarian traditional bread spread recipe by Truefoodsblog

Our last week of University here in France was spiked with oral exams about traditional food products which are protected regional products. One of these products comes from beautiful Bavaria, the region where I come from in Germany. Obatzta has a over 100 year old tradition is a must have in every Beergarden, perfectly combined with the Bavarian regional beer. Fiona & Me made the traditional Obatzda for the audience served with some warm Pretzels.

Obatzda-Obatzter - Truefoodsblog-2742

Obatzda-Obatzter – Truefoodsblog-2742

How to do it:

1. Take out ingredients early 1-2 hours before minimum) to make mixing easier. Especially the butter!

2. Start with whipping butter to get it creamy then add cheese in bulk pieces and break it down by using a fork.

3. It should result in a creamy paste, add paprika, cumin and salt and mix well. If you want it more fluffy add beer or milk.

4. Add optional ingredients (beer, milk, cream, chives, onion, …) or increase the used spices according to taste. For the Truefoods Obatzter recipe we added some local beer.

Hint: The Obazda now has to rest (6-24 hours) to evolve its full aroma and taste! The longer it rests the better. After that, some ingredients may be needed again like Salt, Beer to give the Obatzda its final taste.

5. Toppings include: Red onion slices, Pickles, small radish, chives or persil and some paprika powder on top.

Hint: Idealy pretzels are served with the Obatzda, other then that any Bread with flour like Wholegrain, rye or spelt and grains is also a nice fit.


Enjoy the Obatzter in the Beergarden with your friends..


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