Red Currant Oats Crumble “S’more sweet & easy “

Red Currant Oats Crumble – just another manic Monday! I am actually not a big sweet tooth but if I eat sweet, fruit is definitely a must have. Currant is in the season, the same as blackberries & again: you have uncountable options what to cook with it.

My mum taught me how to bake this summer & I actually get better at it each time. Crumble is perfect for any baking beginner! believe me guys:

if I can do it? you can do it too 😉

😛 At the moment I am at Lott Festival & its basically amazing. All the creative energy & everyone working so hard and hand in hand for the upcoming weekend is just beautiful to see!

Red Currant Oats Crumble - Truefoodsblog

Red Currant Oats Crumble – Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

  1. Preheat the oven up to 180°
  2. Mix the Coconut Oil, Oats, 80g of Brown Sugar, Baking powder and the pinch of salt with a blender until you get little crumbles.
  3. Place the Currants evenly on the bottom of 4 little buttered  forms .
  4. Add the crumble on top and bake it for about 30 min.
  5. Let it cool in the oven & serf with some ice cream.


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