Tangy tomato paste & jam dressing „dressing number 3“

Another dressing joins our small collection: the Red Salad Dressing is one we learned from Willy. Willy is Claire’s Mums partner, and he is an absolute dressing king.

Besides that, he is a really good baker. His favorite thing to do is the “sun-cake”. A dough of yeast, raisins, jam and nuts. He always braides the dough into a beautiful swirl – that is why I always like to call it suncake 🙂

Food is people- like in arts everyone got their own taste and their own ways to crete it. So every dish, even though with the created with the same recipe is different, just because the secret ingredient will always be personality.

Willy_Red _Dressing_Truefoodsblog

Willy_Red _Dressing_Truefoodsblog

Thats also why, no matter how often we made this sauce, it never tasted exactly like the one from Willy’s 🙂

By the way- this dressing is best for Lamb’s Salad which is fully in season atm.



How you do it:

Only thing to keep in mind is to add the oil as last, so it blinds up better.Basically just mix everything together in a glass or even like us: in a bottle !


Store in the fridge and use for Lamb’s Salad.


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