Tahini Miso Salad Dressing – “Dressing collection no. 1 : Perfect for Salads with Grains “

Tahini Miso Salad Dressing – “Dressing collection no. 1: Perfect for Salads with Grains ”

Finally, we are starting to present our Dressing collection. During the past year, we developed a collection of our favourite salad dressings. Believe us guys- we started from the bottom. This dressing is inspired by our dear friend Fiona. I remember the day when we were invited to a BBQ Party and she prepared this dressing and some buckwheat for us. SInce them, this is definitely one of my favourite dressings of all time.

With its nutty, slightly bitter taste it perfectly compliments any salad with grains, nuts and seeds & buckwheat is definitely the grain I would recommend of all grains to use.

As you can see we preserve our dressings in Truefruits bottles. For those who don’t know: Truefruits is a german smoothie company who just makes the f**** best smoothies with full transparency of ingredients, sources and the work they do. Next to their product, they are making a reusable packaging out of glass which you can pimp u with their upcycling collection or with your own creativity.

So we mostly use it for tea and: Dressings!


Tahini Miso Salad Dressing - Truefoodsblog

Tahini Miso Salad Dressing – Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

  1. Take a closable bottle of around 250ml size.
  2. Start with adding miso paste, tahini, apple cider vinegar, spices, jam and the slightly warm water into the bottle.
  3. Shake it!
  4. When the pastes are dissolved, add the oil and shake again.
  5. Use within a week.


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