Vegan Smoked Salmon “One of the weirdest recipes so far”

Yesterday we had a great talk with the founder of Knakwortel – a start-up creating hotdogs out of carrots.

Yes, this might sound weird to you but you should have heard her pitch! The story of her being a vegetarian not eating vegetables, being an active member of a sustainable food movement and her enthusiasm about it, really inspired me. She showed me Almere, the city which we are studying, in a completely new light.

Most of all she inspired me and encouraged me. Sometimes I feel that I am not professional enough, that we are not producing content enough, that we are not innovative enough and most of all I am not quite sure yet of how to really have a positive impact on the food industry which is sometimes tough on me.

Seeing her being so confident and hearing that it is okay to not have the perfect plan but spreading the messages and our knowledge kind of hit on me. After her lecture, I was full of energy and ideas.

That is when I thought of this one thing that I have heard of: vegan smoked salmon made out of carrots. So I sat down and read the recipes which I got seen from Nicole, the mother of my little sister and developed our own recipe.

Vega Smoked Salmon Truefoodsblog

Vega Smoked Salmon Truefoodsblog


How you do it:

  1. Start with steam cooking the carrots for around 30 minutes until they have softened. The carrots do not need to be peeled and the time they need to be done depends o their thickness.
  2. Let them cool down until they are just slightly warm.
  3. Start peeling the carrots and cut them into differently thick slices.
  4. Crack the nori sheet into little pieces, you can use a grinder if you have one on hand. Mix the soy sauce, liquid smoke, oil, spices, agave syrup, rice vinegar and the nori sheet in a bowl.
  5. Take a sipper or a Tupperware to mix the carrot slices with the marinade mix it. 
  6. Let it marinade for at least one night

It tastes best with some cream cheese, dill and a good old sourdough bread – guarenteed.

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