Vegan Classic Risotto – “Pure & Simple”

Our Time in Italy is coming closer and closer, Not even a Month from now we will both live and study in the North of Italy, close to Milan. Learning more about sustainability in farming as well as protecting local and regional products are a few of the topics we will learn about. As a small “divertire gueul” I have created a really simple and easy Vegan Classic Italian Risotto a different version of the original Classic Italian Risotto. There is no need to renounce this traditional dish for vegans!! Key is the Cashew/Nutritional yeast mix which acts as a substitute for the parmesan cheese. So many new projects and collaboartions are ahead in Italy – The country with one of the best and most nutritious kitchens in the world.

Vegan Classic Risotto – “Pure & Simple” by Truefoodsblog


How to do it:

1. Weight all the ingredients set aside. Whip the soy cream in a bowl.


2. Chopp the Cashew nuts and mix with the nutritional yeast flakes, set aside.


3. Heat up a pot with 3EL Olive Oil. Sweat the Onion and garlic fine cubes at middle heat. Add the Risotto rice and sweat with it for 1 minute. After that glace the Rice with 50 ml whitewine and let the wine reduce in (repeat this 2x). The last wine glacing fill up with the warm vegetable stock and let the Risotto cook with a lit on it until all the liquid is soaked up. Stir ocasionally.


4. Lastly, when the rice is al dente, we mix the whipped soy cream slowly under. We add half of the nut/yeast mixture and stir well. Add salt and white pepper and taste. On the plate we drizzle some Olive oil and the remaining Nut/Yeast misture on top and serve plain or with veggie. (like spinach in this example).

At this stage: (As my former Mentor Lea Linster would say) It is crucial that every rice corn is always under wine and stock so that no rice corn is left out fro the cooking process.

Time and patience with the rice is needed for the perfect Risotto. Stir occasionally and make sure there is always anough liquid in you pot. (Warm liquid so the rice doesn not cool down!

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