Vegan Endive Winter Salad – “Winter Salad Edition”

Its winter time & many people dont know that winter is salad time as well. There are many beautiful variations of salads which are resistant to the cold. So for all you salad overs out there : you dont have to miss your favourite food.

This Salad in particular is a rather bitter one. Bitterness in particular foods are very important for the human body. Just tink about chicoree  or grapefruit.

For all of you who dont like bitter tastes: This dressing removes all the bitterness of the salad itself. The trik and the combination of the salad is all learned and teachedby my grandma. She always preapres the salad that way.

The combination of the mild yogurt, the sweet orange and the nuts are reducing the bitterness to a minimum and just taste amazing! you can even add some red bell peppers but you know…. they are not in the season atm.



How you do it:

  1. Wash the Endive and cut into thin slices, starting from the bottom.
  2. Cut your orange, radishes, parsley and roast the nuts without oil in a pan. Take a close look at the nuts, so they dont burn.
  3. Mix the yogurt, vinegar, juice, oil and spices in a small facile & set aside.
  4. Mix the Salad in a bowl and add the sauce.

Serve with any dish. Its a really nice side dish !


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