Vegan Gravy – “Main Dish for your vegan Christmas dinner”

The Dinner idea form out vegan Christmas workshop is out now. This vegan gravy makes your guests wonder whether you are a magician. No – but really.

At the event, we had a friend of our class as a guest. Marc is a cow farmer and an ambitious meat eater and a huge critic of vegan food. Its just a huge part of his identity to be very close to the topic of animal farming and consuming. To our big surprise & bigger happiness, he came to us after the dinner & was completely overwhelmed. He said that he could barely taste a difference and that he really enjoyed being our guest.

This is why we are doing this – to inspire people and not convincing them for anything by force and bad feeling- but by taste and inspiration and love.

Love is the most important ingredient- also in this dish.

Hope you enjoy this & have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Share your love with them and be thankful.

Vegan Gravy Truefoodsblog

Vegan Gravy Truefoodsblog

How You do it:

vegan gravy & mashed potatoes Italian style

  1. Start with roughly chopping your mushrooms & heating some olive oil in a pan. Throw in the mushrooms and let them shrink to make a place for the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Chop the onions in four pieces & add them. Roughly chop the celery remove the green of the leek and roughly chop the white parts as well as chopping the carrots.
  3. Throw everything into the pan and give it a good stir, letting it cook for a little while.
  4. Meanwhile, heat a pot of cold water with some salt & the peeled potatoes.
  5. Throw in the flour into the pot with the cooking vegetables and give it a good stir, heating through the flour. Now add the red wine and stir again. Add the Molasses or apple stroop, as well as the soy sauce and the vegetable stock. 
  6. Let this cook while you mince the herbs before you add them as well as salt and pepper.
  7. Leave to cook while you are preparing the potato mash and or sides.
  8. For the mash, let the potatoes cook until soft. Add the salt, pepper, lemon zest & juice as well as olive oil & mash until smooth.
  9. Taste test and season after preference. Now add the capers and put to the table.
  10. Take a sieve and rinse the gravy over another pot & softly push through some of the vegetables. 
  11. You can also serve the vegetables. Your gravy is done & ready to serve


Christmas message from us:

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