Vegetable Curry Chutney – “Granny’s best collection”

The absolute Granny recipe! We all know that the best things are to be found in the basement or the sheds of our grandmas!

This generation was a master in preservation to be resourceful with what they had and not to waste anything. I think we have o preserve that knowledge now!

That is why we started collecting all the recipes from our grandmas and publish them one-by-one.

I find it incredible how every culture has their own types and methods of preserving. This, we learned in our studies for food safety in which we also talked abou the elimination of hazards through preservation. There are uncountable methods of preserving:

  • salt & sugar
  • pickeling
  • freezing, drying, canning, vacuuming
  • smoking
  • jellying
  • jugging
  • burial in the ground
  • modified atmosphere
  • high pressure
  • fermentation
  • etc.

Many of those methods are meeting you day by day without you noticing. One of the most incredible helpers with preservtions are bacteria– like in fermentation. Before you screem:they are everywhere and they are GOOD !! they are in yoghurt, cheese, bread, sourkraut, salami…on and on. So embrace your granny’s knowledge!

(generalization, of course grandpas are included into this & there are of course some who can not cook at all 😉 😛 )

But here we go with my moost favoruite preservation recipe of my granny ! no…her beet root and the jams are so good as well! I will keep you on track with this so we all can profit from it 🙂



How you do it:

  1. Start with heating up the vinegar, sugar and the spices and the mustard seeds in a big big pot on medium heat.
  2. Cut the vegetables: the zucchini into slices, the paprikas into right angles and the onion into thin cubes. 
  3. add them into the vinegar mixture and cook them for 8-10 minutes so that they still have some crunch.
  4. Fill them into disinfected glasses and close them properly.
  5. They are closed, as soon as you hear a popping sound.

they are preserved for a loooooong time 😉

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