The 22nd of April is World Earth Day

Good morning Earth – it’s nice to have you…

Today is the World Earth Day and maybe it is time for all of us to pause for a moment and “waste” a Minute to consider the own impact on the Earth instead of wasting a ToGo cup. This day is about becoming aware of our daily actions and their consequences.

It is only one World…

This day was created in order to make the society aware of the fact that we live on an incredible and beautiful planet. That the Earth is kind and good to us and forgives many of our flaws, but that our exploitation can get too extreme.

This Article is not written to tell you to give up your former life and change everything that is not sustainable or green: to refuse to use plastic, to grow the own vegetables and to reject electricity. No! Because this is not realistic. This article is meant to inspire: to small changes that improve the conditions for the world while remaining YOUR life. If it is only a small change for you, consider every of the 7.5 Billion ones would change at least one small thing that treats the world in a better way: The effect would be mind blowing!

“Very optimistic” you may say, “but the others are not going to do anything, so why should I?”

Because you are responsible, and we all are! Be exceptional today and start behaving as you would care, even if you are only one from a thousand people.


Do you care and you want to make a difference?

Here are some ideas for a change on the World Earth Day:

  • Buy your groceries on the local market, bring your Multipurpose bag and leave the plastic behind
  • Get a reusable cup and take it with you. It might take a while to think of it every day but why not creating new habits? (What about a post-it on the door that asks for your cup?)
  • Take the bike today
  • Switch off the light when leaving the house
  • Educate yourself about the food you’re eating. Where is it coming from? What are the ingredients? Where is it produced and how?

Get in touch if you want to get more inspiration!


Have a wonderful day – Make a difference. It’s your planet, it’s our planet!

… World, it’s nice if you stay with us for a bit longer.



– Fiowl –

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