Lycka Cold Brew Coffee Cookie Pecan Bowl “Sweet Morning Boost”

What a beautiful way to start your morning guys!

This is the first time for us teaming up with another company. We met the people of Lycka at Anuga – food fair and instantly had a great conversation with them. After a little shit chat we recognize how much their values are fitting to ours and their message and products definitely inspired us. So we made the decision to chose them as the first partner for our collaboration session.

We are talking about the food business every day- getting inspired, shocked and overwhelmed. It’s our passion and our love to share what we are experinecing with you. The Food start-up scene in Germany is incredible. From the big stars True fruits (a smoothie company) to Little Lunch for whom Moritz created the soups at their very beginning, they all have a beautiful story to tell. Other than we expected there is no harsh competition but a lot of love and support to be felt. They are all young, we – are all young and we have a mission.

So why Lycka?

We adore their concept of “mindfood”, they believe that “food should not only satisfy hunger but be a mindful process, because it influences body and nature”

They have started to produce organic ice-cream, bars and now are launching their new cold brew coffee to the market. For every coffee sold they are organizing a lunch for one child to eat at school in Burundi. One third of Burundi is suffering from Malnutrition. The aim is to animate the families to send their children and especially their girls to school for that reason, next to that they are initiating gardening projects to support the regional agricultural developments.

That is why we are supporting them.

Find more information about them and their projects on :

& for now enjoy this recipe.

Lycka Cold Brew Coffee Cookie Pecan Bowl Truefoodsblog

Lycka Cold Brew Coffee Cookie Pecan Bowl Truefoodsblog

How you do it:

  1. Start with heating some water to soak the dates for around 5-10 minutes to let them get soft.
  2. Drain the chickpeas (we use them out of the glass rather than a can), keep the aqua faba if you want to be creative later on:
  3. Put everything into a high speed blender with the coffee, cookies, milk, spices and blend until you get a smooth texture which is sweet and spice-ful.
  4. Fill it into your favourite bowl and top it off with all the good stuff.

Really Easy and super delicous !

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