Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns – “Homemade Sunday-brunch”

Autumn time is pumpkin time! So what could be more authentic than making your own buns for a Sunday breakfast? The Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns are a welcome change on your kitchen table and will make your family, friends and beloved ones happy during the next brunch together. The seasonal, healthy and wholesome buns are ready to “get spread”. You will be amazed by the richness of the dough and similarly the fluffiness of the buns inside due to the pumpkin. Is there any better start in a cozy autumn Sunday then a brunch in your comfy clothes?

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns - Homemade Sundaybrunch by Truefoodsblog 6

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns on our Brunch Table

“The Sunday Brunch” – A Traditional event which fills our hearts with emotions right away. Why you may think? Well Claire and Me, we have a strong connection to the kitchen of our families. The Sunday brunch hereby has always been an event where the family comes together and eats for hours.

The time we lived together in Amsterdam we started preserving this tradition with just the two of us or with some invited friends. Everyone brings some food and sharing is caring is the Motto. The last months we lost this tradition a little bit, but with the season changing now I have a good feeling that the Sunday Brunch will be back soon 🙂

What about you guys? Any suggestions what we should prepare on our next Sunday Brunch?


I think you guys are going to fall in Love with this pumpkin buns recipe. And if you give it a try, let us know! We love seeing your comments, and especially your Instagram photos. Just tag them #Truefoodsblog so we can give them a look.

How to do:

Preparation: Cook a basic pumpkin soup such as the Healing Pumpkin Soup, or simply buy a small package of pumpkin soup in a good organic store.

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns - Homemade Sundaybrunch

Preparation of the ingredients

1. Give the Flour into a large bowl and form a hole in the middle. Heat up 1/4 of the pumpkin soup with 1/4 Cup of water to around 110 F (45 degrees) and solve the fresh yeast in it (add 1/2 Tbsp of the sugar to it while mixing). Now give the yeast mixture into the hole in the bowl and drizzle a little bit of the flour on top of it. Add the Oats, linseeds, and nuts into the bowl on the side (picture 2). Cover the Bowl and place it  15 min on a warm space in your kitchen (I use the oven on the lowest possible heat in the winter).

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns - Homemade Sundaybrunch by Truefoodsblog 1

Pre-Dough ready to rise at a warm place

2. Now take the remaining pumpkin soup and heat it up to the same 110 F (45 Degrees C) give it to the dough basis and start mixing with a kneader or your hands. Form a dough ball and let it rest again, covered, at a warm place for another 20 minutes.

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns - Homemade Sundaybrunch by Truefoodsblog 2

Addition of remaining Pumpkin soup to the pre-dough

3. Take the dough out and start rolling on a clean surface with some flour to form a dough-snail which gives you 5-6 equal buns. At this stage, you mid add more and more flour if the dough is too moist. Pre-Heat the Oven 365 F (190 Degrees C).

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns - Homemade Sundaybrunch by Truefoodsblog 3

6 Equal buns forming – real handcraft work

4. Place the bun-formed dough blanks on a baking sheet into the middle rail in your oven and top with some oats and seeds. Bake them for 18-25 minutes (make the moist test with a toothpick in the middle of the bun).

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns - Homemade Sundaybrunch by Truefoodsblog 6

Pumpkin Wholegrain Buns on our Brunch Table

Enjoy your Sunday Funday Brunch 

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